Summer Touch

Santa Fe Youth Rugby be out at the MRC fields on Thursday nights at 6pm starting June 6th. Come out for some fun, all ages, non-contact rugby. Stay for the hot dogs!

HS Tournament!

The youth had a great showing at the NM State High School Championships this weekend. Between 10am and 11:30am, three teams from Albuquerque, four from Los Alamos and three from Santa Fe played. Two of those teams were middle school tacklers, and other 8 were non-contact teams of varying ages.

It was a great opportunity for kids to play different teams than those they’d been up against all season.

Everyone had fun and it was followed up with hotdogs afterwards.

The Celtic Festival in Albuquerque is come up this Sunday, then we transition into our summer Thursdays.

The season has begun!

We’re busy!

We’ve got kids training on Wednesday evenings at Capshaw Middle School at 5:00pm or 5:30pm depending on the age, or playing at the New Mexico School for the Deaf at 5:30pm depending on the team.

Saturday mornings we’re at the Santa Fe Municipal Recreation Complex for games between 9:30a – 11:00a.

Hope to see you there!

Rugby Camp!

SFYR is hosting a rugby camp for children 7-13 on Saturday, March 2nd. The camp will be held at the Fort Marcy gymnasium from 10:30am to 1:30pm.

The cost is $10 (for up to 2 kids) and the money is credited towards the season’s registration.

We’ll work on a variety of rugby skills. Join us!

New Season approaching

The crew at SFYR is planning the upcoming season. You can sign up right here.

We expect to hold our first match March 23rd and play every Saturday through May 11th, followed by a day of rugby in Albuquerque at the Celtic Festival on Sunday, May 19th.

We’re planning an in-service training for Santa Fe Public School physical education teachers on February 15th and a registration day on Saturday, February 23rd.

We’ll see you on the pitch!