Update for last 3 weeks

MYR coaches and parents,
A few orders of business with only three weeks left. This weekend we have games as usual at the MRC pitches. We will try to to get 4 or 5 games in like last weekend with starting times at 9 (U-9 Rio Rams), 9:15 (U-11 Owls), 9:30 (U-13 Tigers). The last two or three games we will do like last week with combo teams starting as refs become available. Please try to get to the field no later than 9am for warm ups and rams should be there at 8:45am to warm up. We should be done by 11am at latest. Thanks for a fun water fight last week too!

The games on Saturday May 12th will be our final home match. We will do an awards ceremony after the final games at the picnic area. Hopefully Los Alamos will want to participate in this and give awards to their players too (we can combine an order if you let us know). I could use some parental and coaching help to organize this with maybe some hotdogs and lemonade too. Please let me know if you can volunteer. The High School Rugby Championships are starting promptly after our games so please stick around and watch. It is also very important we start on time that Saturday because of this so really try to make an effort to be on time for your match.

Our youth state championships will take place at The Celtic festival Sunday May 20th in Albuquerque. Games start at 9am. We will be paying entry fees for 3 teams. Please let us know ASAP if your child cannot make it. We would love to have you all down there. It is a great event at Balloon fiesta park which you get free entry to with your child. We also understand their are some previous commitments so do let us know ASAP.

Informal summer touch Rugby will be in conjunction with the Santa Fe High School and Men’s team. We will start June 6th and run for 8 weeks every Wednesday night at 6pm at the MRC rugby fields. Everyone is invited! We are also thinking about a one week or 4 day rugby camp for the kids in late July or early August. Please let us know if you would sign you kid up for something like this.

See you at practice tonight or tomorrow (Rams at Capshaw). It has been so much fun. Let’s keep up the momentum for these last 3 weeks!

Much thanks, Joe L.